Kyudo Information, History and Theory

Here are some links to sites that contain information about kyudo, it’s history and theory. We hope to add more to this list as time goes on.

Seishinkan Kyudojo, by Mr. Earl Hartman
Seishinkan is a member dojo of the NCKF. This site contains information about his dojo, a web version of his book on kyudo and a link to a very nice translation of work written by Saito Chobo. All of which, is highly recommended reading for the kyudo enthusiast.

The Kyudo Project Incorporated, by Mr. EClay Buchanan
This is a blog-like site with a wealth of information about kyudo and news of recent events concerning kyudo around the world! Definitely worth keeping an eye on!

デービル田中の弓道のすすめ, Devil Tanaka’s Kyudo site
This site is in Japanese, but there is some useful references here for those who can traverse the site.  We recommend the Flash videos of group timing, as well as the kyudo dictionary.

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