Kyūrei Kyūhō Mondōshū 2016 Draft Translation

I recently attended the 2016 IKYF Special Foreign Seminar in Nagoya, a wonderful opportunity for in depth kyudo study for international instructors holding a 5th dan or higher. I was very lucky to study alongside some wonderful people from all over the world, including Taiwan, Italy, Germany, France and elsewhere. It’s always such a great opportunity to meet and do kyudo with others from around the globe!

I also had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Harada from the IKYF office about a draft translation that I had worked on in my spare time. In this conversation, Mr. Harada suggested that I post my draft translation online for the kyudo community to access.

Thus, here I offer a draft of my translation of the Kyūrei Kyūhō Mondōshū (2016 Revision) [弓礼•弓法問答集], published by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation [全日本弓道連盟]. This book has sometimes been known as the “Q&A Book” in English, and has been often referenced by sensei at IKYF sensei in recent years. This draft translation is based on the 2016 revised edition, and currently only contains the primary content of the book. I am continuing to work on translation of the preface and the back matter (about shinsa timing, etc) and will post those as I feel confident in sharing them.

For now, I offer this partial translation in draft form for the kyudo community to review. If you have feedback about the text, I would appreciate hearing it in order to improve the text and make it as accurate and useful to the entire kyudo community.

Please visit the next blog post to view the updated version of this translation.